Business start up seminar in “Creative Industries”

Are you a fashion designer, musician, artist, architect, game developer or writer, sitting at your worktable daydreaming about starting your own creative business? You are looking for access to Berlin markets? Especially in Berlin the creative sector is an essential element of economic progress, employment and trade with ongoing increasing growth rates.

But to start and operate a business where your creativity is the capital,  requires a calculated approach that differs from other standard business models. To get the necessary information for being a successful entrepreneur in Berlin´s “Creative Industries” please attend our business start-up seminar for creative folks.  The Seminar teaches you the basics and gives further knowledge on all aspects of creative foundation, including legal and financial issues. Since 2014 the Seminar had been presented by business consultant Elisabeth Klee. This year you can join at 10/10/2017 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at LONEX e.V. office LOK: Boppstr. 7, 10967 Berlin, fee including lunch an free ticket to deGut2017: 10,00 Euro.

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Curriculum and setting of the Start up seminar
More start up seminars in different languages
Initiative of Senate Department of Economic Affairs/Investmentbank Berlin

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